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Himalayan Cat Temperament and Lifespan

This breed of cat has a calm, soft, well-balanced character. Himalayan cat is a great choice of a pet because almost all of its time it like spending in the house. In contrast to the Persian cats, the pets are more demanding and more energetic, but also more obedient and more emotional compared to Siamese cats. Himalayan cats are very prone to become attached to its owner.

These cats love to "help" their owners in all things, and as a reward just love to lie on their lap. Moreover, the Himalayan cat treats children well and flees from them only if they are constantly tormented by it. The average lifespan of this breed is 15 years.

How Much Does a Himalayan Cat Cost and Price Range

As for the price Himalayan cats cost about $300-$450. You shouldn't buy the cat of this breed at a lower price as this means that it can be of bad quality, even having some health problems. It is always better to buy Himalayan cat from the trustworthy breeder.

Himalayan Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Himalayan cats received theis unique color thanks to Siamese cats. Himalayan gene was the result of a gene mutation that is responsible for the coloration of Siamese cats. The mutation was held so that the active enzyme tyrosine, which is responsible for the formation of melanin pigments in the cells of an animal, is not expressed, but because almost no pigment is produced. In reality there is tyrosine in the cells, but it is sensitive to temperature, and therefore produces melanin only at low temperatures.

Today Himalayan cats are inherent in different colors, the color of the spots depends on the underlying color. Thus, white or cream-colored animals have dark brown, purple, red, blue, cream or chocolate spots.

There is a rare case of a lilac and chocolate colors, as responsible for the color gene is recessive. This means that to get kittens of such colors both parents must be of such color. Even more rarely coloring with "tiger" pattern on the spots can be found.

An important point in the issue of color Himalayan cat is the attractive face mask: it must always kennel dark color with distinct contours, thus it should not extend to the neck or chest. However, it is well known that its constant color Himalayan cat gets only at the 2-3d year of their life. Cats weigh 9-12 pounds and their size is large to medium.

Himalayan Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Himalayan cat is a smart, quiet, sociable, affectionate animal. They cannot live without the society of people. It is too difficult to handle loneliness for them, they simply cannot live without the affection and caring hands of the owner. These animals are more mobile than the Persians, so they like to play outdoor games. Himalayan cats have mild, calm and balanced character. They are vigorous animals, as well as obedient and emotional.

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