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Javanese Cat Temperament and Lifespan

Javanese cat is the best choice for active and sociable people. Families with children should consider choosing a Javanese cat as it is a very friendly breed of cats which can make friends even with dogs. It loves being in the center of your attention and likes being treated in a polite and respectful way.

Respecting its authority is the main rule which you should follow if you want to be the best friend of your pet. The Javanese cats are really intelligent and smart cats which can be easily taught to walk on a leash or any tricks you want.

Spend your spare time with your pet and you will see how many things your small member of the family can learn from you. The life span of these cats is about 10-15 years.

How Much Does a Javanese Cat Cost and Price Range

The average price for Javanese cats varies from $900 to $1200. The price usually depends on the breeder and the quality of the cat. If you would like to become the owner of the top-quality kitten to participate in shows, then you should be ready to pay more. It is recommended to look for the trustworthy breeder who will be able to provide you with the documents which can prove the pedigree of your pet.

Javanese Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Javanese cats usually weigh about 5-10 pounds. This cat is considered to be a middle-sized breed. They have muscular body, a wedge-shaped head, large ears, almond-shaped eyes. The long, slim legs can become the object of envy of women.

You will definitely like touching its fine and silky coat of medium-length. It is similar to Siamese breed but it has point colors which differentiate this breed from the first one. You can notice that it has the darker points of the face, ears, paws and tail which can be red or cream. There are the following variants of coloring: lynx point, seal lynx point, seal-tortie point, chocolate-tortie, lilac cream.

Javanese Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Javanese cats have an interesting history as this is a longhaired variety of Siamese cats. The only difference is their colorpoint colors. Siamese, Colorpoint and Balinese cats took part in the developing the breed of Javanese cats. This breed doesn't come from Java but has such a name not by chance as it has a close relation to the Balinese cats which relate to the Bali Island which has a sister island Java. In 2008 the Javanese breed was declared a division of the Balinese breed.

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