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Schapendoes Temperament and Lifespan

Shapendoes is an old Dutch shepherd dog breed. It is practically a hybrid of other national breeds. In 1968 shapendus received official recognition, but the popularity of a particular breed has not acquired until now. But a few breeders and nurseries remained loyal to the breed, and till nowadays they are engaged in the breeding of Shapendoes which usually live about 12-15 years.

These dogs are very playful, cheerful, very attached to their master and require much attention, cannot live without close contact with the owner.You can play Frisbee, jog together and do any other kind of sport with this pet. Dogs of this breed are temperamental and active, they need a splash of energy, a large living space and frequent walks. Shapendoes can easily understand what you want from it. Despite the fact that the dogs of this breed never show aggression, they are reliable and alert watchdogs.

How Much Does a Schapendoes Cost and Price Range

This breed can be bought at the price of $600-$800. The price can be slightly different in various places. Before buying the puppy decide if you need a pet or a show quality dog as their prices usually differ a bit.

Schapendoes Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

These dogs do not require special grooming, can live under the open sky, but on the condition that they will have a warm doghouse. For an adult dog minimal care is required, it will be enough to comb its curly hair 2-3 times a month.

It has a dense coat with an undercoat. The coat is long, 7 cm and slightly wavy. Curly hair is not permitted according to the standard. The coat is very dense, dry, rough, in any case, not silky. The areas of the body with long hairline look more massive especially the back part of the body. The head and face are covered with well-developed dense hair forming eyebrows, mustache and a beard. All colors are permitted. Preference is given to blue-gray-haired and black dogs. The height: males: 43 - 50 cm, females: 40 - 47 cm. They weigh about 12-25 kg. Females can weigh 5 kg less.

Schapendoes Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Shapendoes is primarily a herding dog and. It is very fast, robust and bouncy, this is a befit to be a real shepherd dog. This breed is characterized by a kind, friendly character. Externally this is a long-haired dog. Its unusual appearance attracts the attention of others. Shapendoes loves to work. If you decide to make this breed your dog, you will need to come up with an interesting exercise for your pet so that it is not bored and start to misbehave itself at home. Shapendoes would be happy to be engaged in agility or Frisbee, and to participate in various competitions for dogs.

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