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Talbot Temperament and Lifespan

This snow-white hunting dog was so well known in the Middle Ages, that its image can be found on many family coat of arms. Some historians believe that William the Conqueror brought the breed to England in 1066.

Hunting dogs were rather sluggish, but had a great sense of smell and were often used in firghts or as assistants of peace officers. Talbot became extinct around the 16 th century, but left behind a large number of descendants of a great-great - great great grandchildren - beagle dogs. The dogs usually used to live about 13-15 years.

How Much Does a Talbot Cost and Price Range

As the breed is extinct now, it is impossible to find its breeders. However, if you would like to have a dog with the similar appearance and character, you should look for the Beagle dogs which are considered to be the descendants of the Talbot dog and cost about $600-$1000.

Talbot Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

If to believe archives, its height was about 40 - 50 cm and the weight: 13- 18 kg.

The color of the dog was usually snow-white.

Talbot Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Talbot was the hunting breed with a rich history. These dogs were very fast, despite a few short legs, active and brave. They were very clever, intelligent and loyal dogs. Their sense of smell was one of the most advanced in the world of dogs, so at the moment they were used as service animals, successfully helping the police, military and customs officials. Besides, beagles were excellent pets - infinitely kind, loving and unpretentious, which contributed to the popularity of the breed.

As for the beagles which are considered to be the descendants of the Talbot dog, they are also great companion dogs (this is the overall quality of all hunting dogs, because they are even in the early days of the general group spent all their time with the people), the personification of cheerfulness and optimism. They have incredible energy and are never bored. They are also the hunting dogs, so they are not scared with the noisy companies, even quite the contrary - beagles love to social dynamics, riveting attention to the person. The more people around them, the happier they are.

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